Wednesday, September 23, 2009

“How not to stipple” and “breaking thread”

I’ve been experimenting with stippling today. This is a little piece (about 12”x13”) I put together just for practice. I left the backing large enough to turn into binding if I want. It’s not too bad from a distance, but taking a closer look, there are issues.


The pattern is not uniform throughout. I know it’s supposed to be meandering and all, but this has more of a drunkard’s path look.


This little corner was done early on in the process. I got myself trapped and wandered around aimlessly.


I haven’t decided what quilting I’ll do on the tree. I wanted a little wonkier looking tree but there’s always next time.

The big dilemma was breaking thread. It happened about 10 times and I didn’t get it solved. I changed the needle, rethreaded about 6 times, fussed with the tension and was really careful not to move the piece too fast. Maybe it’s the thread brand.  Any ideas out there in blogland?

Overall, it was a positive learning experience. Oh, and the quilting gloves made a big difference even on a little project like this. (Two bucks at Hobby Lobby with the 40% coupon!)maggiequiltMaggie was not impressed with any of it!


  1. Oh but I think it looks great! I had some trouble with breaking thread when I taught myself how to free motion. I looked up advice on the Internet, and found that the higher quality thread like Guttermans made a difference. I would have also recommended a new needle and messing with the tention. Maybe check your sewing machine manual too.

  2. Thanks Terri! I think I'll check out some Guttermans and see if that makes a difference.

  3. I sent you a reply from my blog, but I know that with the Janome 6000 (oh yeah, lucky me!) that the tension on top is turned to 6 which is 2 notches higher than normal.
    You might have been moving the fabric too much thus pulling on the thread.
    I use a generic thread and it works really well for me.
    I looked at your stippling and if you got to Crazy Mom Quilts, somewhere in that amazing blog, she has a tutorial. I start at a corner and work in a sort of square pattern then move on to the next "square" Yours seems to have been more across rather than a slow meander.
    I think you moved the fabric, it's not your thread.
    This is funny, me doing suggestions, but I've been there and after almost 2 years of doing nothing but...I love it.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, Nanci. I'll keep all of those things in mind. I did catch Crazy Mom's tutorial (love her blog!) but obviously didn't follow through:)
    I'll keep working on it!

  5. I'm just learning free motion too. Practice practice practice practice and then practice some more! I still like handwork better though:)

  6. very fun, I love the bright colors.


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