Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A little bit of sewing...and a lot of plaster.

This was one of those projects that laid there on the sewing table and taunted me. The pieces were ready to be sewn together. The lining was chosen.

Then I was distracted by the "Blue Bedroom". I really could kick myself for not taking "before" pictures of this room, but I will describe it as best I can. (Just to be clear, I inherited this room from the previous owner.)

Picture the walls divided in half horizontally by a chair rail height wallpaper border. "Not so bad." you say. But wait! Imagine the bottom half being a glorious cobalt blue: And the top a lighter shade of blue:

Now picture all of it with a poorly applied sand texture (but much gloppier than this photo):
We're not finished. Stamped onto the light blue, sandy, gloppy paint were red and blue stars. Thousands of them! Well, maybe dozens but it seemed like thousands. They were about 3 inches in diameter and added an unworldly dimension to the room. By "dimension" I mean they protruded from the wall and had to be removed with a razor scraper.

Now remember that wallpaper border? I honestly don't recall exactly what is was.

I think I blocked the memory.

But it was probably planets or something extraterrestrial.

Anyway, there was no texture under the border so I tried to fill in the unsandy stripe by matching it. After all, I could live with the sand texture if I had to. That was fail #1.
Then came the sanding and scraping in an attempt to remove all of the texture. Fail #2.

After a couple more fails, I came very close to knocking out the walls and starting over.

But being the determined girl that I am, I perservered and now the room has a brand new finish and I have a new skill.

Joint compound and a joint knife are my friends. I completely replastered, textured and painted the room and it only took about 3 weeks to finish this 2 day job. Oh, did I mention the country blue trim?
We'll save that one for another day.

I could finally get back to the tote.

It's finally finished and listed in my Etsy shop with a free glasses case.

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  1. that bag is really pretty. And as for the lightbox, I just had my normal light in my house on, and the rest was the flash on my camera (little digi one from walmart... fits in your pocket)


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